Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Semi-Truck

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Semi-Truck Evan Transportation

So, ensure you collect any garbage in the truck and dispose of it properly.

Spring has arrived, meaning spring cleaning. As you tidy your home and yard, don’t forget your semi-truck. If you are a fleet manager, it is the perfect time to clean the trucks before hitting the road again. While cleaning your semi-truck reduces the unnecessary repair costs, it goes an extra mile in reducing potential tickets and violations. So, here are a critical few tips for cleaning your semi-truck this spring!

Clean and Organize the Interior of the Truck

If you are a truck driver, take your time to clean and organize your truck this spring season. It has been a long, dreadful winter season, and probably your semi-truck is filled with debris and trash of all kinds. So, ensure you collect any garbage in the truck and dispose of it properly. If you happen to use the cab as your bedroom, it is time for you to clean the mattress to keep odors away from the cab. You will run into the DOT officers on the road; thus, having your truck neatly organized will ease the accessibility of your paperwork. Also, the DOT offices inspect your semi-truck quickly and move to the next truck.

Check On Your Brakes

Winter months were harsh on your semi-truck, and the braking system was taken a toll on you. Spring is here; it is time to check on your braking system to ensure all the aspects are perfect, from the lines, hoses, parking brakes to the fluids. While winter was full of snow and ice, you are yet to meet the spring rains. So, ensure the braking systems work ideally before hitting the road. 

Check the Tires

The condition of the tires determines the stability of your semi-tack on the road. During winter, tires wear out due to the harsh road conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to check the tire grip and ensure it is adequately inflated to enhance balance. If the tires are in perfect condition, it improves their lifespan and the truck’s fuel efficiency. 

Check on the Other Systems

Road safety is paramount; in case of a faulty system, the driver is in danger. So, you need to ensure that the truck’s lights, wipers, and fluids levels are perfect.

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