Freight Shipping for Paper Products

Freight Shipping for Paper Products

Need to ship paper products by truck? Evan Transportation is on it.

Despite the world going digital in many respects, paper is still much in use and much loved. There are different transportation options for commercial paper products, including plane, rail, and truck. Whether you decide to use one or multiple modes, you can benefit from Evan Transportation in the Mid-Atlantic region. Here’s more about freight shipping for paper products!

Risks to Products During Shipment

Any type of freight faces certain risks when traveling by truck. Temperature fluctuations are one. Most materials, including paper, could suffer damage if they experience a sudden drop or rise in temperature. High or low humidity could also cause problems, such as mold or a change in chemical structure. 

Of course, there is also the roughness of handling and transportation. Throughout the journey, you don’t typically need to worry about materials moving much when properly placed on the truck, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Tips for Preparing Paper Products for Shipping

Bubble wrap is by no means sufficient for protecting paper goods during transport. The paper could and is likely to bend. Cardboard is the best way to protect single and multiple products from harm, whether it is an individual book encased in a flat cardboard package or multiple paper products in a cardboard box. Some paper products are best encased in tubes.

Benefits of Road Transportation for Paper Products

Why use road transportation for your business’s paper products? Trucking is far more affordable than a plane and has many accommodations for getting your goods from point A to point B safely. These measures include temperature control, full truckload shipping, and oversized load shipping

Trucks do not work on a timetable like trains and planes do and are flexible to navigate the quickest route. 

As one of the most fundamental modes of transportation for commercial products in the United States, trucking helps paper product companies transport loads all the time and on time.

Evan’s Freight Shipping for Paper Products

Evan Transportation is a Mid-Atlantic trucking company based in Baltimore, Maryland. We are experts in shipping a wide variety of products, including hazardous materials, paper products, beverages, and general freight. We have all the trucking equipment and training necessary to perform freight shipping for paper products with ease. You will have peace of mind when working with us! If you are ready to see how we can fulfill your shipping needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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