When to Use Full Truckload Shipping

When to Use Full Truckload Shipping

Is full truckload shipping the right shipping method for your business?

Truck companies can help businesses like yours transport your freight from point A to point B. As you search for trucking services, you will find that there are different types, one of which being full truckload (FTL) shipping. When should you use full truckload shipping? 

What Is Full Truckload Shipping?

Before we talk about when to use full truckload shipping, it is best to be clear on what exactly it is. FTL shipping is when a business pays to have at least one truck all to itself. Unlike less-than (LTL) shipping, you will not share the rest of the truck space with other businesses transporting loads. You have the whole truck to yourself. It also means that that same truck will transport the delivery all the way to its destination, so your freight will not transfer from one truck to another.

When to Use Full Truckload Shipping

You Have Bulk Shipments That Need the Space

Naturally, you will want to call for full truckload shipping if you have a large enough load. A load big enough to fill an entire trailer or truck bed is usually between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds, but it could be more. Your load will take up more than six pallets. If this is the case, it is most efficient to use full truckload shipping.

You Have Fragile Freight

Another reason businesses use FTL shipping is to lower the risk of damage. If your freight is fragile, containing items made of glass, porcelain, wood, ceramic, etc., it could be safer to transport it in its own truck rather than one shared by other businesses. You will also avoid the number of times people will have to move the freight from one truck bed to another.

You Have Time-Sensitive Freight

A benefit of FTL shipping over LTL shipping is that your load arrives at its destination sooner. Even if you do not have a full load, you might have a time-sensitive one, such as perishable stock. In this case, it is better for the freight to have its own truck. 

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