What Is Drop Trailer Service?

What Is Drop Trailer Service?

Drop trailer service is just one of the types of transportation we offer at Evan Transportation!

Drop trailer service is a valuable tool being utilized increasingly by shippers and carriers in today’s freight shipping industry. It provides a high level of convenience to shippers, enabling them to load freight at their own pace and avoid paying employees overtime to rush a shipment out the door. Additionally, drop trailer service can help carriers maximize their hours of service, minimize delays, and avoid congestion in the docks. In this blog, we’ll discuss the key benefits of using drop trailer service to help determine whether it’s the right option for you.

How a Drop Trailer Service Works

In this practice, a carrier leaves a trailer in the possession of a shipper or receiver for an extended period. The parties can then work the freight onto (or off of) the trailer at their convenience, on their schedule, and at a predictable price. Dropped trailers are factored into the transportation cost quoted to the party responsible for paying it, especially in markets that are hard-pressed for capacity.

Loading Flexibility

One major benefit of drop trailer service is higher load-time flexibility. Shippers can load freight as soon as it’s ready and they have the manpower available to do so. Having a trailer around 24/7 enables shippers to ensure that freight is loaded correctly, safely, and securely, with attention to all rules and regulations. The load-time convenience provided by drop trailer service shines through in a shipper’s ability to avoid paying employees overtime as they rush to get a shipment out the door. The convenience this service provides is also tied to the ability of shippers to operate on a consistent schedule, maximizing their operational efficiency.

Reduced Dock Congestion

Another advantage of using drop trailer service is less congestion in docks. Having a trailer pre-loaded or empty when a truck arrives to move it helps to cut down on the amount of time this truck and trailer must sit in the shipping and receiving area, thereby reducing congestion. This service allows those working in the shipping and receiving areas greater range of motion when administering their daily duties. Dropped trailers provide a convenient place to store inventories until they’re ready to be unloaded or to complete loading.

Better Delivery Outcomes

Yet another major perk: increased on-time delivery rates. Drop trailer service functions as a sort of bulwark against shipping delays that could otherwise arise over inefficient loading times, not having the necessary equipment available, or waiting for a truck to arrive. With access to the trailer well in advance of their desired pickup date, drop trailer services create room for better departure/arrival planning, and a driver’s hours of service are less impacted. Using this service creates a reliable schedule that a driver can plan for, which helps them maximize their HOS clock as they schedule drops and pickups consistently.

Avoiding Fees

In addition to the benefits listed above, using drop trailer service for freight can actually save you money. When shippers and receivers use this service, they don’t need to worry about demurrage and detention fees associated with waiting for a truck to arrive, reducing the overall cost of shipping.

Closing Thoughts

Drop trailer service can be an extremely useful tool for shippers and carriers in the modern freight-moving industry. For the reasons discussed above, its popularity continues to grow with companies whose supply chain allows for its utilization. If you’re a shipper or receiver looking for a more efficient and cost-effective shipping solution, drop trailer service is certainly worth informed consideration.

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