How Inflation Affects the Trucking Industry

How Inflation Affects the Trucking Industry

Inflation is on the rise in 2022. How does it affect the trucking industry?

Inflation is everywhere in today’s world. The United States, in particular, is facing inflation in all areas. Ultimately, this phenomenon affects all people and all industries, and today, we are looking at how inflation affects the trucking industry in 2022. It is a multi-pronged issue, but not one that has no recourse.

Inflation in Gas Prices

Rising gas prices are perhaps the first type of inflation one might think of concerning the trucking industry. The issue begins with the price of diesel. Although diesel has historically cost less because it is cheaper to produce than gasoline, it is now more expensive than gasoline. The rising price of diesel does affect the trucking industry, which must absorb those inflated costs.

Inflation in Price of Goods

Another way inflation affects the trucking industry is through the price of goods, such as food, paper, and a vast amount of other products. With consumers having to face higher prices for everyday goods, they may start buying less. When consumers buy less, that means that the demand for those goods decreases, which means that demand for trucking also decreases. On the positive side, some trucks may continue to operate as usual, but they carry less freight.

Inflation in Raw Material Prices

Another angle from which inflation affects the trucking industry is the price of the trucks and trailers themselves. The raw materials that comprise our sturdy commercial trucks and trailers have also seen inflation in the past two years. These materials include steel, aluminum, copper, and more.

The Need for New Talent

Although it is not a matter of inflation, this other issue within the U.S. trucking industry could keep it from persevering during these times. New talent within the trades, including trucking, has been slower over recent times compared to a few decades ago. Without a robust amount of applications coming in, a lack of truckers to fulfill our transportation needs will begin to show. The truth is that truckers keep a country moving, providing food, supplies, and goods of all kinds to every store and home. At Evan Transportation, we are happy to continue fulfilling your company’s trucking needs.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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