Tips for Truck Driving in the Rain

Tips for Truck Driving in the Rain

Truck drivers stay in control in the rain when practicing this advice.

Driving in any condition other than clear and sunny skies can be riskier than not. Any driver will need to use extra caution on the road to have a safe journey. Truck drivers especially have to use caution; in fact, the rules are slightly different for truck drivers as opposed to four-wheel drivers. These tips for truck driving in the rain will keep your driving professional.

Know Before You Go

It is best to be prepared well before you start the engine. Know the weather conditions from your location to your destination within the time you expect to be driving. It could be sunny in your area, but stormy where you are going. Preparing your mindset before a trip can be powerful.

Eliminate Distractions

Keep all distractions at bay; distracted driving continues to be a top reason for vehicle accidents today. Eliminate distractions such as loud music, cell phone notifications, and the need for snacks. Have all your provisions in place before the trip. It is also important to get a good night’s sleep and eat healthy before driving.

Keep the Headlights On

There is no guarantee that others on the road can see your vehicle in rainy conditions. The best way to promote visibility is to keep your headlights on. One can even install safety lights on your truck for even more visibility.

Drive Below the Speed Limit

Truck driving in the rain is different from driving a car or even a pickup truck in the rain. An 18-wheeler could do a lot more damage should something go wrong. That is why it may be necessary to drive well under the speed limit in difficult conditions. Whether the situation involves heavy traffic, rain, a curve in the road, or a light trailer, a trucker should drive at least 5 miles below the speed limit.

Do Not Use Cruise Control

Cruise control sets the vehicle to run at a steady pace unless the driver otherwise controls the vehicle. Cruise control can conserve one’s energy on long stretches of a road, but it can be less safe to use during a rainstorm. The best policy is to keep your wits fully about you and be ready to change speeds gradually and under your control.

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