What Kind of Fuel Do Semi-Trucks Use?

What Kind of Fuel Do Semi-Trucks Use?

Semi-trucks run on diesel; here’s why!

Semi-trucks help you run your business across the state and perhaps across multiple states. They and their truckers help businesses transport valuable goods of all kinds from the warehouse to the store every day. What keeps the trucks going? Fuel. If you are curious about what kind of fuel semi-trucks use and why, keep on reading!

What Is Diesel?

As the question above implies, semi-trucks use diesel as fuel. Diesel is one type of fuel product that comes from crude oil. Diesel has fewer steps to produce than gasoline, and has traditionally cost less at the pump as a result. All in all, diesel oil is a combustible liquid that combusts when in contact with hot compressed air rather than a spark. It also contains a higher or lower level of sulfur, depending on the purpose and the regulations.

Why Diesel?

Semi-trucks use diesel over gasoline or any other product because it is simply more efficient. Diesel used to cost less than gasoline, takes fewer steps to produce, and produces more energy in every drop than gasoline does upon combustion. Although environmentalists may argue that the carbon dioxide produced and oil used cause pollution, there is no denying that diesel is much more efficient for large vehicles such as semi-trucks. Diesel helps trucks run longer on less liquid. 

In tandem with diesel as a cost-effective, reliable fuel is the diesel engine. Diesel engines run very efficiently and are better at towing and overtaking, the exact benefits a semi-truck needs to haul freight. Together, diesel and diesel engines give semi-trucks better fuel economy and last longer than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Diesel Keeps Goods Coming

Given the size and daily usage of semi-trucks, it is no wonder that they need such efficient engines and fuel to do their jobs. Semi-trucks get hours of use per day, many days of the year. Truck drivers drive hard and long to take deliveries wherever they need to go. Whether they are OTR, regional, or local, truckers need vehicles that can withstand the long-term wear and tear of the road and heavy freight. If you need a reliable trucking company in Maryland for local or regional trucking, contact Evan Transportation to see how we can meet your trucking needs!

For All Your Trucking Needs

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