Tarping Down a Truck Load

Tarping Down a Truck Load

Tarping down a load properly makes the trip safe and smooth.

If you’re hauling any goods on a flatbed, tank car, or gravel truck, tarping down a truck load is essential to protecting your load and other vehicles on the road. However, using a tarp can be more challenging than it sounds. Many truckers can slip and fall when applying or removing the tarp, and a tarp that isn’t adequately secured can fly off on the road and cause serious accidents. So, how can you tarp down your truck load safely?  

How Do You Properly Tarp Down Your Truck Load? 

Start from the Ground Up

You should always think of tarping down a truck load from the bottom up since you can’t use foot or handholds while moving around on top of your truck. Ideally, you’ll spend as little time on the top or bed of your truck as possible to reduce the potential for injuries. 

Use The Proper Equipment

If you’re at a truck facility, they may have some equipment for tarping like t-posts, shipper’s racks, and spreader bars. These don’t just make tarping easier; they make it safer and more efficient. Trucks can also be outfitted with soft sides, flip arms, or curtains that can be controlled from the ground and kits are available through most forklift manufacturers. 

Invest in Fall Prevention Methods 

Sometimes climbing into your truck is unavoidable. There are a few safety measures you can install, like nets or railings, that can prevent slips and falls. Ramps, railed ladders, and rack arms can also be used to make safe platforms for tarping. However, you should always have a fall arrest system that can limit your potential falling distance. Wearing a helmet and a three-part harness can save you from seriously hurting yourself. 

Use Good Form

Like with a workout, proper body positioning can do wonders in preventing injury as you’re tarping down a truck load by hand. Since tarps can be large, awkward, and heavy to maneuver, you should first ensure it’s the correct size and strength for the load you’re carrying. Then, when moving your tarp, be sure to use good form, keep your back flat and avoid pulling down or jerking when your arms are fully extended overhead. For added stability, you should keep your feet shoulder-width apart as well when adjusting the tarp.

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