What Is Third Party Logistics?

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What is a third party logistics company, and could Evan Transportation help you?

Third-party logistics can help your business get up and running, as outsourcing is an affordable way to obtain multiple valuable services. Whether you have a long-standing company or a startup, third-party logistics could benefit you. What is third party logistics, anyway?

What Is Third Party Logistics?

Third party logistics is “a person who solely receives, holds or otherwise transports a consumer product in the ordinary course of business but who does not take title to the product,” according to the United States Code. Even so, what counts as a third party logistics company can vary greatly.

Types of Third Party Logistics


A third party logistics company could be like Evan Transportation in Maryland, which manages the transportation aspect of the business. With a well-maintained fleet and accountable truckers, Evan Transportation can take goods from the warehouse or dock to the customer and vice versa.

Warehousing & Distribution

Some 3PL companies provide warehousing and distribution services. They provide storage, packaging, return services, and related services. This option is excellent if you do not own or operate your own warehouse.


Shipping, packaging, etc., costs money, and that is where the financial type of 3PL enters. They have many tools for tracking, tracing, and booking shipments, as well as for auditing, accounting, and improving finances.

Management Services

Additionally, some 3PL businesses are freight forwarders, people who manage your shipment for you, or more extensive logistics management. Some management services are scalable to perform a segment or the total of your logistics.

Benefits of Third Party Logistics Services

Are third party logistics services worth it? They can be! The benefits you can expect are:

  • Low upfront cost: If you are starting a business, you do not have to buy a fleet, hire and train truckers, etc., to get up and running.
  • Save on costs: In general, your business will save on the costs of acquiring the necessary equipment and personnel to perform this end of your business.
  • Save time: You can focus on core business matters rather than do everything yourself.
  • Wider reach: A 3PL could expand your horizons through their connections.
  • Access more for less: Utilize many tools and knowledge through an outside party to increase profit and improve your business.

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