Trucking and the Supply Chain

Intermodal Drayage in the Transportation Industry

Look behind the scenes of where trucks go to get goods from the factory to your home or business.

Trucking and the supply chain are intermingled; you cannot have one without the other. Trucking is what allows people to get their daily needs, from food to sanitary products to medicine and so much more. If you got it, a trucker brought it. A trucking service can be local, regional, country-wide, or international. Regardless, trucking and the supply chain relate to these destination points.

Factory to Warehouse

Any company that sells a physical product uses a factory (manufacturing site) to make it. It could be food, books, gadgets, tools, furniture, etc. Once the factory has finished producing a batch of goods, they are ready to go to a warehouse for temporary storage.  

Warehouse to [Pick Your Destination]


The goods might land at another warehouse first before going out to their final destinations. They might go to a warehouse for local distribution, repackaging, etc. A truck is what will take the freight from place to place.


If a company is shipping goods overseas, a truck can carry them from the factory or warehouse to the port. Truckers must have a TWIC certification, which gives them access to these ports. Otherwise, security personnel will have to verify and escort the trucker throughout the port.


Trains still take heavy freight across the United States. They are a great way to transport heavy, bulk goods in a short time. Trucks are the middlemen between railways and warehouses and vice versa. 


Some regional and local truckers like Evan Transportation take freight from the warehouse to the store. The retail center takes in goods regularly to sell to customers, and they do so by having trucks ship them to the location. You might have seen trucks, such as grocery store or food brands, on their way to or parked at their stores. 

End User (Business or Customer)

Finally, some trucks take the cargo from the warehouse directly to the customer. The customer might be a construction company needing supplies at a building site, or an individual who ordered something online. Truck delivery to the end user is called last mile delivery.

Trucking and the Supply Chain

Trains, planes, ships, and trucks all work together to transport large and small items to their various destinations. If you need trucking services in the Mid-Atlantic region, Evan Transportation can be your trucking resource. 

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