Benefits of Cartage & Mobile Storage Units

Benefits of Cartage & Mobile Storage Units

Take advantage of our cartage and trailer solutions in the Mid-Atlantic region!

Construction, manufacturers, home improvement, retail, and many other industries need trucking services to transport goods from the manufacturing site or warehouse to the store or end-user site. How do they accomplish this? Evan Transportation has been in the trucking industry for over 30 years in the Mid-Atlantic region, based in Baltimore, MD. Whether you need regional or local freight shipping, Evan Transportation can help your load get from point A to point B on time.

What Are Cartage & Mobile Storage Units?

Cartage is “the transporting of something in a cart or other vehicle.” It is the transportation of goods locally and could be a small or large load. You could see a small truck or trailer haul the freight or a semi-truck. 

Mobile storage units are practically shipping containers, but are typically land-borne rather than sea-borne. They come in different sizes; companies can rent one or more each to house seasonal items or supplies for a temporary project. Made from steel, they are durable enough to resist wind, weather, and other strong forces.

Benefits of Cartage & Mobile Storage Units

Meet Demands at Peak Seasons

Why hire extra cartage or mobile storage units? Your businesses might experience seasons with a higher influx of products than others. To keep up with demand, extra cartage services help transport more goods at once, and mobile storage units naturally help you store them if your primary facilities run out of space. You will be equipped to handle even the busiest seasons.

Store Tools, Supplies, Etc., Safely

Mobile storage containers in particular have multiple storage advantages to any business. As mentioned, their metal and steel construction are tough enough to house all of your equipment safely, so that no force, whether it be storms or break-ins, can penetrate to your inventory.

Store Tools, Supplies, Etc., on Site

They also allow you to keep supplies or inventory on site. You don’t have to drive to the nearest public storage lot to access what you need. Construction sites can have all of their tools and supplies on hand, and retail centers can keep all their goods beside the building.

Why Outsource Cartage & Mobile Storage Units?

Outsourcing cartage & mobile storage units is a good idea if you need temporary assistance in transporting and housing freight, especially locally. Outsourcing is also cheaper than acquiring the equipment, drivers, etc. yourself. When you own the trailers, trucks, and storage units, you would also have to maintain them. 

For All Your Trucking Needs

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