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What Is a Bill of Lading in Trucking?

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024
What Is a Bill of Lading in Trucking?

What’s a bill of lading in trucking? Learn all about it here.

Trucking is an act of commerce between two different entities. In many cases, it is an economic interaction between two businesses. One business buys goods from another company and the second ships the ordered products to the first via in-house or outsourced trucks. Just like when individuals make a purchase from a vendor, there needs to be an account of the transaction. That’s where the bill of lading in trucking comes in.


Where Trucks Take Goods

Thursday, October 26th, 2023
truck hauling a tractor

Where are trucks going? It could be any one of these destinations!

Trucks carry most of our goods from place to place. After all, roads are the most efficient mode of transport in the United States. How it all works may be a mystery, but it is all part of how a healthy society works. You can read about how trucking works here, along with exactly where trucks take goods below! 


How Trucking Works

Friday, September 15th, 2023
evan transportation oversize load travel

Curious about the basics of the trucking industry? Read this!

How exactly does trucking work? Trucking makes up at least 70% of the transportation of goods in the United States; if you got it, a trucker brought it. Truckers are core to how our country operates daily to get and deliver raw materials and finished products. In summary, trucking companies deliver raw materials to manufacturers and then move finished products to stores or warehouses. Let’s take a deeper look at how trucking works.


Trucking and the Supply Chain

Thursday, March 30th, 2023
Intermodal Drayage in the Transportation Industry

Look behind the scenes of where trucks go to get goods from the factory to your home or business.

Trucking and the supply chain are intermingled; you cannot have one without the other. Trucking is what allows people to get their daily needs, from food to sanitary products to medicine and so much more. If you got it, a trucker brought it. A trucking service can be local, regional, country-wide, or international. Regardless, trucking and the supply chain relate to these destination points.