How Trucking Works

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Curious about the basics of the trucking industry? Read this!

How exactly does trucking work? Trucking makes up at least 70% of the transportation of goods in the United States; if you got it, a trucker brought it. Truckers are core to how our country operates daily to get and deliver raw materials and finished products. In summary, trucking companies deliver raw materials to manufacturers and then move finished products to stores or warehouses. Let’s take a deeper look at how trucking works.

Two Types of Trucking Companies

The two broad categories of trucking companies are freight broker companies and third party logistics companies. Freight brokerages do not own or manage any trucks or truckers. They simply connect companies that need to ship products with trucking companies that ship those products.

The other kind does manage trucks, truckers, logistics, and everything else. They have a defined area of coverage and list of specific goods they can transport. The business can be as small as one freelance trucker or as large as a nationwide company.

Two Types of Third Party Logistics Companies

Within the third party logistics crew, you will find two camps: (FTL) full truckload shipping and (LTL) less-than truckload shipping. Full truckload shipping reserves shipments for one company; one company has the entire trailer to itself. The shipment has minimal stops between its start and end. 

LTL shipping has companies share trailer space. Naturally, it works well with companies with products that do not take up an entire truck and are not on a time crunch. The truck may have to make various stops along the way for different products’ destinations. 


Every 3PL company will need to have a logistics base in the office. They need people to help manage paperwork, truckers, payments, licenses, and more. The office is where all administrative and clerical work happens. With logistics, truckers and companies with freight can work together smoothly.


A proper trucking company also needs licenses, permits, and certifications to perform different work. To drive a truck, a trucker will need a commercial driver’s license (CDL.) The company may also need permission to transport various goods, such as hazardous materials, and to enter different facilities. For example, Evan Transportation is TWIC-certified to enter shipping ports.


Some companies may specialize in transporting different kinds of freight, such as heavy equipment, alcohol, refrigerated goods, or oversized loads. 

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