Top Risks in the Transportation Industry 2023

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The transportation industry must overcome these challenges in 2023.

In the past few years, we have learned just how important truckers are to every country. “If you got it, a trucker brought it.” If you are a business manager and need a reliable trucking company to handle your freight transportation, you also know just how important good trucking is. In your search, you can gain a fuller picture of what each trucking company has to deal with by knowing the top risks in the transportation industry today.

Top Risks in the Transportation Industry in 2023

No CDL Licenses

Some trucking companies might allow their employees to drive semis without a commercial driver’s license. Why is this a problem? Driving a semi-truck is different from driving a car or even a pickup truck. Plus, with a lot of valuable goods at stake, it is worth having the training to transport them safely. Find a trucking company that has employees with CDLs.

Truck Driver Shortage

A decline of the truck driver population has occurred over the last few years, even before pandemic shutdowns happened in 2020. COVID restrictions and shutdowns might have stalled driving students’ CDL achievements, but the shortage continues. Another possible cause is the push to get a desk job as opposed to a profession in the trades.


Governmental laws in the trucking industry try to implement GPS technologies and rules for health and sanitation, but they risk a trucker’s ability to reach the destination on time. More regulations could take away from the flexibility to do what needs to be done, and harm more than help.

Cyber Attacks

With the increase of the Internet of Things in trucks, trucking companies face a higher threat of cyber attacks. The risk is also present in transportation logistics. If someone hacks your system, it could risk digital or even physical piracy.

Bad Driving Conditions

Of course, other major risks in the transportation industry have to do with any risks you might have on the road. Severe weather, bad roads, and congested traffic can cause delays. These are challenges that all truckers must navigate at some point.

Facing the Challenges

Understanding the trucking industry today can help you understand what this part of your business team is facing and help you find a company that knows how to overcome all of these challenges. If you need a truck service in the Mid-Atlantic region, contact Evan Transportation!

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