How Truckers Can Stay Safe on Roundabouts

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Roundabouts may be stressful for some truckers, but it’s not the end of the world!

Although they’ve been used for decades in other countries such as England, Australia, and France, roundabouts are a relatively new introduction to American highways. Many years ago, there were a few roundabouts scattered here and there across the landscape, but you could probably count how many you’d encounter as cross-country truckers. Now, due to their more ergonomic approach to traffic control as opposed to traditional stoplight systems, more and more truckers are having to deal with roundabouts all over the place. While a roundabout may not seem like a big deal to someone in a small car, many truck drivers know that it can be much more difficult to navigate when driving a semi-truck with a large trailer. Being safe at a roundabout isn’t impossible for trucking. However, it just takes a bit of effort from the trucker’s side. Here’s how truckers can remain safe and use roundabouts with ease across America. 

Understanding the Inner-Workings of Roundabouts

One important distinction of roundabouts from other traffic control methods is the lack of signage. There are usually no traffic lights or stop signs present at a roundabout, which can be different compared to what truckers are normally used to. For someone that has rarely encountered a roundabout before, this can be nerve-wracking due to the lack of direction. The best thing truckers can do when approaching a new roundabout is not to panic and remember the general rules of the road. Always slow down when approaching the roundabout; make sure to look to your left to see if there is any incoming traffic that will pass your entrance to the roundabout. Remember that it is perfectly acceptable to completely stop at the entrance to a roundabout if there are many vehicles inside passing the entrance. 

Why Truckers Have Anxiety

While many roundabouts found on major highway systems are built for trucking use, some smaller areas may have roundabouts that are a bit tight for truckers, meaning that larger trucks with heavy or oversized loads may have relative trouble passing through safely. Trucks also generally take longer to come to a complete stop and generate speed, which can be a problem for those currently inside the roundabout, perhaps moving too fast. The best method for calming any anxiety around roundabouts is to have patience and take it slow. Panicking can actually lead to more accidents. Keeping calm when driving and following the traffic flow is the best way for truckers to prevent unnecessary accidents in roundabouts. 

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