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Top 7 Winter Truck Driving Tips

Friday, December 3rd, 2021
Top 7 Winter Truck Driving Evan Transportation Tips

Also, hard acceleration and sudden braking reduce traction, thus causing your truck to lose control.

Winter truck driving can be challenging due to the icy roads (trucks lose traction) and the poor visibility. Even the most skilled truck drivers find it challenging to maneuver on icy roads. 

Therefore, every truck driver should practice the following safety tips to protect themselves and the other road users.


Holiday Season Driving Safety Tips For Truckers

Friday, November 19th, 2021


Holiday Season Driving Safety Tips For Truckers Evan Transportation

In this blog, you’ll learn how to navigate on the roads safely during the holiday season. Continue reading!

If you’re a truck driver, you must know that the freight never stops, which makes trucking all the more rewarding. However, spending the holidays while you’re on the road can be an excellent opportunity for you as a truck driver. Doing so allows you to haul extra loads because of the holidays being so busy. 

Although, if you decide to take up the job, driving from coast to coast, or even locally, can take a toll on you mentally and physically. You see, being away from family and friends can leave you feeling lonely, and driving through the holiday season can add stress. In this blog, you’ll learn how to navigate on the roads safely during the holiday season. Continue reading!


Tips For Safe Winter Truck Driving

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

Winter weather can bring dangerous road conditions that make safe driving even more of a priority. While you can control the weather, you can control how you prepare for it. Here are some tips for truckers that will help with preparation for winter weather.


Start Planning Before Winter

When the weather is good take note of safe places to park and places to chain up and chain off. Keep these locations in the back of your mind, or better yet, write them down, so when you need to make an emergency stop you know where you can go.

Monitor the Weather

These days you can use lots of different sources to keep tabs on the weather, from your radio to your smartphone. Check the forecast before you go and make a plan for your trip. If snow is in the forecast, calculate your speed at 25mph in order to avoid running out of driving hours or hitting them before you can get to a safe spot. You can only take advantage of the “extra two hours of driving for unforeseen traffic or weather” if it is unforeseen. If you knew about bad weather ahead, use of these hours won’t fly with DOT.

Pre-Trip and En Route Inspections

Make sure all lights work and are clean. Draining air from the truck’s tanks and trailers will reduce the chance of condensation building up in the air lines and freezing your brakes. Make sure you have the proper equipment for chaining in bad weather conditions and personal equipment to keep you warm if you’re waiting for a tow.

Know Your Limits

Safety is the best policy. If you’re inexperienced with the weather conditions ahead, better to pull over and wait for the plows and salt trucks to come through. Or look for a mentor with more experience who can guide you through.


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