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Top 7 Winter Truck Driving Tips

Friday, December 3rd, 2021
Top 7 Winter Truck Driving Evan Transportation Tips

Also, hard acceleration and sudden braking reduce traction, thus causing your truck to lose control.

Winter truck driving can be challenging due to the icy roads (trucks lose traction) and the poor visibility. Even the most skilled truck drivers find it challenging to maneuver on icy roads. 

Therefore, every truck driver should practice the following safety tips to protect themselves and the other road users.


Safe Winter Truck Travel

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Winter Truck Travel

November is finally here, which means colder weather is sure to be on its way. With meteorologists expecting another cold and snow-filled winter season, truck drivers as well as residential drivers, must be smart when navigating the roads this winter. Should a driver become careless, serious crashes could occur. Here are some ways to ensure safe truck travel.

  1. Dress in warmer layers when traveling. This will keep you warm should you experience a break down.
  2. Check weather reports, driving conditions, and traffic reports before beginning your travel. Map out a main route along with two alternative routes. Then inform at least two of your coworkers about your trip. Let them know of your departure time, expected arrival time, and your three planned routes. Should you break down and be without phone service, your coworkers will know when you don’t arrive and know where to look for potential breakdowns
  3. Pack an emergency kit before travel. This should include a first aid kit, jumper cables, ice scraper, flashlight, batteries, and tow chain.
  4. Inspect your vehicle fully before travel. This includes replenishing all vehicle fluids as well as checking tire pressure and tread.

Should you experience a breakdown during travel, do not panic. When you believe something is going amiss, pull over to the side of the road immediately. Then follow these travel breakdown tips:

  1. Immediately call for help. Use either a cell phone or radio to alert someone of your location.
  2.  Never fall asleep while waiting for help. Frost bite and hypothermia can occur more quickly once you fall asleep.
  3. Never leave your vehicle. Attempting to walk for help could lead to frost bite and hypothermia.
  4. If you can safely determine if the exhaust pipe is clear, the engine should be run for about ten minutes every hour. This will help circulate heat without using gas.
  5. Every hour, crack your window to allow fresh air to enter the truck cabin.


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