How to Prepare Your Truck for Winter Weather

winter weather

Is your truck ready for winter weather?

While the first day of winter is still a little ways off, colder temperatures are starting to settle in and it’s never too early to start getting ready for the change of season. As a truck driver, freezing temperatures and icy roads can present a number of a dangers while on the road. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your truck is ready for winter time.

Check Coolant Systems

It’s important to make sure that your truck’s anti-freeze system is strong enough to handle the colder temperatures during winter. You should pressure test your coolant system on a cold engine and make sure it’s between 15-18 psi after turning on the heater control valves. Also check your radiator cap and make sure it has a minimum pressure of 5 psi. In addition, check for wear, cracks, hardening or softening around the heater and water hoses.

Treat Your Diesel

When diesel gets too cold your truck won’t run, and no one wants that. Use an anti-gel additive to your truck’s fuel tanks before adding your fuel. Also make sure to service your fuel filter and drain the water separator in order to prevent freezing. Test your battery for clean connections. Although battery degradation usually occurs in hot weather, they can also fail while under high loads in cold weather conditions.

Stock the Right Equipment

Keep your truck stocked with the right equipment for winter weather emergencies. Pack sturdy, waterproof gloves, a reflective vest, a flashlight, kneeling pad, first-aid kit, and boots with good traction. If you get stranded, these items can be incredibly handy. And of course, don’t forget to pack extra winter clothes to keep you warm.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

When preparing for a long haul, make sure that you check the weather beforehand. If you suspect weather is going to be severe, plan your route accordingly. Build in extra time for deliveries if there’s bad water. Drivers cannot drive as fast if there’s ice or heavy wind, so it’s important to factor that into your plans.

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