Best Ways to Pass Time While on Long Hauls

Passing Time on the Long Haul

It can be hard passing time on the road as a truck driver. Here are some ideas to consider!

Other than getting to your destination and surviving all of the traffic, road closures, and headaches along the way, finding ways to pass the time on long hauls can be the most difficult part. Limits to driving hours serve to keep you safe and well rested, but some days they seem like ways to make you bored! Here are some of the many different things you can do to pass the time while on long hauls.

Explore New Media

No matter what your interests are, there is some type of media designed for you! If you love reading books, take an e-reader with you on the road so that you have a whole bookshelf in your pocket. If you love to write, bring a journal and some pens (or even a tablet) with you. If you love watching television and movies, use a streaming service like Netflix to stay entertained. Streaming services are always adding new content, so it’ll be just about impossible for you to watch everything available!

Get Some Exercise

If your New Year’s resolution involved getting healthy, using your downtime for some exercise is a great idea. If you are at a safe truck stop and the weather is nice, you can take a walk or just do laps around the rest area. Go for a jog if there is a park you feel comfortable at, but still keep your eyes and ears peeled in a new place. If you have a yoga mat, you could do some yoga right beside your truck if there’s the space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore!

One of the best things about trucking is getting to see more of the country than most people get to see in their lifetimes. Take time to stop at destinations or grab a local travel guide at the truck stop. Try a new restaurant, explore a new park, or just take a walk around and see what you discover. Getting to visit new places is an awesome side-effect of trucking, so it’s a great way of passing the time when you aren’t on the road.

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