The Best Trucking Apps for Your New Smartphone Device

Trucking apps

Make the most of your new smart device!

Did you get a new smartphone device over the holidays? Whether you’re a seasoned pro with your smartphone or a beginner looking to figure out the best way to use it on the road, here are some of the best trucking apps for you. These trucking apps can help with everything from finding shortcuts to making your life a little easier!

Trucker 411

This popular trucking app can do everything from finding the closest truck parking, to locating truck stops along your journey, to updating your phone with the latest local weather forecasts. Keeping up to speed with weather events, especially over the course of the winter when snow and ice can majorly disrupt your routes, is incredibly important, so download Trucker 411 now.

RoadSwap App

Are you a trucker who feels like you’ve consumed just about every piece of media possible on long nights away from home? If you are sick of the movies in your cab, done with the video games you love, and over re-reading the same books, RoadSwap is the coolest way to exchange those goods with other truckers. Make a post of whatever you would like to get rid of, whether it’s a DVD or book, and swap with other truckers who have items you’re interested in. You can even use RoadSwap to trade clothing items, like that Christmas sweater that’s a little too small or a pair of boots that aren’t working well for you.

Zeen—GPS Traffic Map Reports

If you are sick of getting lost or getting stuck in traffic on your trips, this is the app for you! Zeen can give you turn by turn directions designed for trucks, so you won’t get stuck on a road that doesn’t allow trucks when you’re driving. This app marks a whole variety of things along your trip including truck stops, rest areas, toll booths, police checkpoints, traffic jams, road hazards, and weigh stations.

Road Hunter

If Zeen isn’t for you, RoadHunter offers a similar GPS and traffic incident notification system on a slightly different interface. It updates constantly with new information so that you won’t get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time. This app will also display diesel prices for gas stations and truck stops along the way.

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