Customizing Your Freight Truck Interior to Make It Feel Like Home

freight truck interior

Take home on the road by customizing your freight truck interior to your liking.

As a freight trucker, it can feel like you spend more than half your life in your truck. With nothing but your own thoughts and the voices on the radio to keep you company, that time on the road can get pretty tedious. Since you spend all that time in there, why not customize your freight truck interior to make it feel more comfortable and home-y? Here are some ideas to make your life on the road a little more comfy.

You Can Do A Little…

Sometimes, it’s just the little things that make us happier or feel at home, even if it’s as simple as attaching a couple pictures of your friends, family, and loved ones to your freight truck interior. Thinking about the part of your cab you use the most — the driver’s seat — a fun seat cover of your choice can add a personal touch, while a nice, padded one might help those long drives feel a little better on the back and backside. You can also add organizers for your center console and fold-down mirror to keep pens, CDs, and other at-the-ready items.

…Or You Can Do A Lot

Most freight companies assign a truck to a driver, meaning that you get a fair amount of say in how you make that truck your own. If you want to really invest in your freight truck interior (and hey, why not, you spend so much time in there anyway), here are a few ideas. You’ll occasionally encounter trips that require a few nights sleeping in your rig, so investing in high-quality pillows, mattress toppers, and blankets will make those nights away from home a little cozier. You can also find ways to incorporate snack and drink storage, subscribe to satellite radio for greater entertainment options on the road, and you can purchase a decent-quality portable media player for when you’re ready to unwind at the end of your day’s drive.

Of course, all of these are simple suggestions off the top of our head. It’s your rig, so you do whatever you need to do to make it feel like home. Just make sure it’s safe from distractions, and that you check with your employer before tricking out their truck.

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