Trucking Basics: What to Expect at Weigh Stations

Weigh stations

Weigh station ahead! What’re you going to do?

So you’re cruisin’ down the highway on your first trip as a long haul freight trucker. Things are smooth sailing — you’ve added some personal touches to your cabin, your spring truck cleaning went off without a hitch, and you even made it through a couple of construction zones safely already. But what’s that sign in the distance? A weigh station is coming up and you forgot everything you learned in your trucking class? Good thing you found this blog post!

Weigh Stations 101

Weigh stations are important for Department of Transportation (DOT) to make sure that you’re traveling with a safe load. If you’re a new trucker, ready to encounter your first weigh station, here’s what to expect:

The Approach

When driving along an interstate highway, you’ll occasionally find signs that look something like the one pictured above. Once you get within a half- to quarter-mile from the station, there will be signs that indicate whether it’s open or closed. When you come to an open weigh station, get in the right lane and get in line for the scale. Some weigh stations will also note whether they have PrePass service, which, if equipped in your truck, will let you speed the process up significantly.

The Scale

Adhere to the speed limit as you drive toward and onto the scale. If you pass over the scale at the correct speed and with a proper load, you’ll be sent on your way in the bypass lane. The scale will give directions as to slowing and stopping. You may be asked to move right over the scale, or you may be asked to stop so they can weigh each axle.

The Inspection

After you’ve been weighed, your DOT number will be entered in a computer system to ensure that your log is accurate in case you get inspected later down the road. They’ll also pull your safety rating (no worries here if it’s your first trip), and check your equipment and log book. As long as everything checks out, you’ll be on your way shortly. If there are any hiccups, prepare for a bit of a delay. Faulty or missing equipment will lead to a more detailed inspection, while a problem with your log book can get you pulled off the road for hours until it’s sorted out. (Another reason to make sure that your log and equipment are in good order all the time!)

And that’s it! It’s not so scary as long as you have everything in order, are driving safely, and cooperate with the weigh station employees, you’ll be on your way through in no time.

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