Safe Driving in Construction Zones

safe driving construction zone

Learn to read this sign as: “Be extra, extra careful ahead”

While your commute may include driving by a construction zone daily, few drivers take the time to really consider the seriousness of safe driving in construction zones. In 2013, 32,719 people were killed in car crashes. Safe driving is critical anytime you are on the road, but you need to be extra cautious when driving through a construction area. Here’s a few tips for staying safe when driving past a construction zone.  

Pay Attention to Construction Signs for Safety

Paying attention to the road signs is critical for safe driving in construction zones. Most construction signs are orange, but every sign is going to warn you about different conditions. Some signs will indicate bumps in the road, lane closures, when to proceed with caution, and other conditions that could cause damage to your vehicle. These signs aren’t suggestions, so make sure to pay attention and follow the signs accordingly. It may sound simple, but following the signs is one of best ways to stay safe.

Stay Calm in a Construction Zone

Driving through a construction zone can be stressful, especially if you are fatigued. You may experience delays and it may be more difficult than usual to get through your commute. But, just realize that everyone else has to deal with the exact same delays. If you have just a little extra patience, you will be able to safely drive through a construction zone.

Follow Speed Limits in Construction Zones

You will always be safer when you follow speed limits. But in construction zones, it’s especially important to follow the speed limit. Speeds are generally going to be lower in construction zones to make sure that workers and motorists stay safe. In a construction zone, it’s also important to have enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you. If the vehicle ahead of you has to stop suddenly, you don’t want to be following it too closely and slam into it.

Avoid Distractions for Safe Driving in Construction Zones

When you’re driving through a construction zone, the last thing you want to do is be distracted. When you drive through a construction zone, it’s not the time to fool around with your radio or check your phone. A little extra precaution will go a long way in keeping you and everyone around you safe.

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