Preparing Yourself for Storage Container Delivery Day

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Shipping container delivery can be complicated and requires quite a bit of room.

So the day of your storage container’s arrival is closing in. Storage containers, especially intermodal, are very large, and as a result, require quite a bit of preparation to accept. If you’ve never had to accept a shipping container before, you might be unprepared for what to expect. But there is no need to fear because this blog has you covered! Read on to learn about how to accept your storage container delivery with ease.

Step One: Choose a Delivery Site

Keep three things in mind when choosing a delivery site for your shipping container: accessibility, convenience, and foundation. Accessibility refers to the ease of approach of receiving the shipping container. For example, your shipping container will more than likely be arriving by truck. Is the space large enough to fit both the truck and the unloaded container? A good reference is to find a delivery site that’s about two times as large as the shipping container itself. Secondly, it’s important to remember that shipping containers are large and very heavy, so making sure the foundation you will be placing it on is critical. Try hard grass, concrete, or asphalt. And most importantly, make sure the rendezvous point is convenient for you. After all, you won’t want to have to go out of your way to haul your shipping container around.¬†

Step Two: Make a Clear Path 

The next step in the process is preparing the area for dropoff. This means you’ll have to clear a path for the arriving truck carrying your container. You’ll need to allow the truck an appropriate amount of clearance, so make sure to remove any potential overhangs or blockages before its arrival.

Step Three: Decide on Means of Delivery

After the space is clear for delivery, the manner of how the container will be delivered should be considered. When it comes to shipping containers, you can either choose a door to the cab or doors to the rear. Doors to the cab mean the doors at the back of the storage container will be facing towards the delivery truck once it’s unloaded, while doors to the rear mean it will be facing your truck. It all depends on personal preference since loading and unloading a container is a process within itself. Regardless of choice, you should always communicate this preference with your shipping company well before the delivery date.

Step Four: Good Scheduling

Lastly, make sure that the delivery will be run on some sort of schedule. There should be at least a relative timeframe of delivery, which means both parties will be available for the delivery process during those times.

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