The Four Basics of Commercial Truck Driving

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Commercial truck driving is a rewarding career path that takes you all sorts of places.

Commercial truck driving provides the backbone of American industry, and year after year it is a profession that many people love and take pride in. Commercial truck driving is both a profession and a way of life.  If you’ve been dreaming of a career as a professional trucker, now is a great time to learn more. Here are the four most common questions about commercial truck driving and their answers.


What Is The Commercial Trucking Lifestyle?

At its most basic, commercial truck driving is a profession where you drive a truck packed with some sort of goods for a living. In reality, it is more than that though. In many cases, commercial truck driving means making solo trips, sometimes long solo trips, and it can be a very solitary existence in many ways. Some people thrive in the trucking lifestyle and others do not.  Commercial truck driving can also extend to driving busses and other large vehicles that mostly transport people.


What Types Of Jobs Are There?

Aside from driving jobs where you carry passengers, like bus driving, most commercial truck driving jobs involve transporting goods. Jobs are usually categorized by type of run or type of haul. Type of run refers to the distance traveled, specifically how far from home and how many nights you spend on the road. Local drivers stay in their general area and even though they may cover a lot of miles in the day they are typically home every night (local delivery drives for UPS or FedEx are a good example of this). OTR or over the road, refers to longer runs, typically over the course of several days to weeks and can include coast-to-coast runs. In the middle are regional runs which are longer than local runs and may involve one or two overnights a week, but typically drivers are home for nights more often than not. Commercial truck driving jobs can also be classified by haul, or the types of goods you deliver, including reefer (refrigeration) trucks, dry vans (non-perishable loads in semi-trucks), liquid goods, dry bulk, and hazardous materials. Liquids, dry bulk, and hazardous materials each require special endorsements.


Is The Future Of The Industry Secure?

The future of the industry looks good. Some drivers worry about the future of the self-driving truck, but right now the industry is open and ready for new drivers to make their careers.


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