What Is a Reefer Container?

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Does your company need to hire some reefers?

You might have heard the term “reefer” thrown around here and there but aren’t really familiar with what it is. No, it has nothing to do with a reef or the ocean or sandals. “Reefer” is actually a slang word for marijuana, but it is also a type of truck or trailer in the trucking world. Below, we’ll show you what a reefer container is, types of reefers, and how they benefit various industries. If you need trucking services in the Mid-Atlantic region, Evan Transportation is happy to help you out.

What Is a Reefer Container?

A reefer container is a refrigerated trucking container. It is a temperature-controlled shipping container and is usually made of fiberglass or metal to contain and insulate its heating and cooling system. 

Types of Reefers

There are three general types of reefers:

  • Closed reefers: A closed reefer is a single, temperature-controlled unit that runs on electricity. It is the most conventional type of reefer and will get the job done for general refrigerated goods transportation.
  • Modified/controlled atmosphere reefers: These MA/CA reefers use an air exchange system to keep the temperature at a specific degree. 
  • Automatic fresh air management reefers: AFAM reefers use an automatic air exchange system, making them the most advanced kinds of reefers.

What Goods Need a Reefer for Transportation

Perishable goods and temperature-sensitive items are the most qualified for refrigerated shipping. The most common perishable goods would be fresh food like dairy, refrigerated beverages, bread, fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Alcohol also needs temperature-controlled shipping. If you are shipping chocolate in summer, you might also want a reefer to transport your load.

Another category is scientific and medical goods. Laboratory specimens need to be kept at a specific temperature, or the entire batch can quickly go to waste. Different medicines will also expire if they are exposed to too much heat. 

Temperature-sensitive items would be ones that will deform in extreme temperatures. Items include candles, furniture, musical instruments, flowers, and paint.

Reefer Service in the Mid-Atlantic Region

If you have a business that needs bulk refrigerated shipping in the Mid-Atlantic region, Evan Transportation has the reefers for you! For more information, please contact us for your shipping needs. To learn how to choose a trucking company, click here.

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