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The Pros of Truck Shipping

Thursday, March 14th, 2024
red truck with white trailer under blue sky on desert road

Truck shipping is used for a reason! Actually, for several reasons!

Truck shipping is one of the most prominent ways to deliver goods between states, regions, and countries. Trucks do the heavy lifting behind the scenes to get products on store shelves and to your front doorstep. If all trucking stopped, the country would be in trouble. Why is this transportation method used, though? What are the pros of truck shipping?


Shipping by Rail vs. Truck

Friday, June 16th, 2023
Package Boxes on Pallets Loading into Cargo Container. Trucks Parked Loading at Dock Warehouse. Delivery Service. Shipping Warehouse Logistics. Road Freight Truck Transportation.

Truck, train, or both? Learn the pros and cons of shipping by rail vs. truck.

Your business has grown to the point that it needs to ship large quantities of your product to different stores around the Mid-Atlantic region. You now must make the decision of how to ship your goods. In the Mid-Atlantic, rail, truck, and port are three common options. Today, we shall discuss the ins and outs of shipping by rail vs. truck, and how Evan Transportation may be able to help you.