Shipping by Rail vs. Truck

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Truck, train, or both? Learn the pros and cons of shipping by rail vs. truck.

Your business has grown to the point that it needs to ship large quantities of your product to different stores around the Mid-Atlantic region. You now must make the decision of how to ship your goods. In the Mid-Atlantic, rail, truck, and port are three common options. Today, we shall discuss the ins and outs of shipping by rail vs. truck, and how Evan Transportation may be able to help you.

Shipping by Rail

Shipping by rail is an older transportation method than shipping by truck, and it is regarded as a highly reliable service. This reliability is its first good point. The second is that trains are very fast, much faster than a truck could legally and possibly physically go. Furthermore, trains can haul a larger load than trucks and still use very little fuel. They also have temperature-controlled compartments, so you can transport your fragile or perishable items with ease.

It would not be fair to talk about the pros of shipping by rail without also discussing the downsides. Although trains are very fast, they are on a set track, which severely limits your shipping route’s flexibility. They also require at least one truck to finish the journey to the warehouse, store, laboratory, etc., which makes this transportation method more complicated than shipping by truck alone.

Shipping by Truck

Truck shipping has plenty of benefits as well. Full truckload shipping is perfect for companies needing an entire truck to fit a large load or space for oddly-shaped, hazardous, or time-sensitive materials. Full truckload shipping is end-to-end, meaning it will not have to stop along the way for the sake of other businesses’ cargo. Your shipment has a flexible route; the trucker can foresee delays, detours, etc., to change the route if necessary and still get your shipment delivered on schedule.

On the other hand, trucking is technically less reliable than rail transport, with statistically more truck accidents per year than train accidents. Trucking alone could also be less efficient if you are transporting over very long distances, in which case multi-modal transportation could be better. 

Which Is Best for You?

Cost is yet another major factor in your decision. Rail is more expensive than trucking and can be inconvenient if you are transporting freight across a relatively short distance. It is best to discuss with a logistics professional what the costs are with each option or some form of both. 

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