Benefits of Full Truckload Service

Benefits of Full Truckload Service

Full truckload shipping has a full truckload of benefits. Is it right for you?

Evan Transportation, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is a full service trucking company that offers full truckload service. FTL service is a private freight shipping method that allows your company’s products to occupy one or more trucks without sharing space with other businesses. Why choose this trucking mode over less-than truckload service? You can find plenty of benefits of full truckload service that make it a great choice.

Accommodate Unusual Freight

Full truckload shipping is perfect for accommodating freight that is an unusual shape, weight, or quality. If the freight is unstackable, it will take up much more floorspace. If it is very heavy, it will also be harder to load. Very long or abnormally-shaped objects are harder to stow with other businesses’ items. On top of that, you may need to ship hazardous or fragile materials that need special transportation. Full truckload shipping takes much of the stress away.

Carry a Large Quantity of Freight

The simplest reason to go with FTL shipping is that you have a large amount of freight to ship at once. If you have enough products that they would take up all the space in one truck or more, full truckload service would be a natural choice.

Deliver in Less Time

With FTL, your delivery will take fewer stops. It is by far the fastest way to get your goods from point A to point B. If you are shipping perishable or other time-sensitive items, you can rest assured that a reliable trucking company like Evan Transportation can deliver it on time. LTL shipping has to account for other businesses’ delivery points and will slow the travel.

Deliver with Less Handling

With fewer stops comes less handling. There is always a small risk of damage that comes with any delivery service, but the risk is even less the longer the products can stay in the truck without handlers touching it. With the steady travel toward your freight’s destination, the less frequent handling makes it as smooth a ride as possible.

Negotiate Rates

With LTL shipping, you cannot negotiate the shipping and handling costs. With FTL (also known as TL) shipping, you can. The price is based on the market rate, and with the know-how of a logistics professional, you could hire out the delivery service for less.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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