How Bad Weather Affects Trucking

How Bad Weather Affects Trucking

Does bad weather impact truck deliveries? It certainly can, but Evan makes a way!

Logistics in freight transportation is a complex subject involving a myriad of factors that may or may not be in the trucker’s control. No matter how much planning goes into a truck delivery, some delays are possible. In fact, the U.S. estimates a loss of over 32 billion hours a year in traffic overall due to poor weather. Let’s take a look at how bad weather affects trucking and particularly in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Heat of Summer

You might be surprised to learn how heat can delay transportation, but it does. An extreme of any form of weather can cause delays. The high heat can affect the pavement’s friction and visibility, as highway mirages can appear. Heat can also affect the quality of the freight and threaten damage, but refrigerated trucks are available for especially perishable goods.

Heavy Rain

Although it is the least uncommon and seemingly threatening of many weather phenomena, heavy rain accounts for the most vehicle crashes in the U.S., according to data provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA.) Trucks must slow down below the speed limit to avoid hydroplaning or not seeing a vehicle on the road. 

Strong Winds

Strong winds can include merely windy weather to the effects of hurricanes. Maryland can have very high winds, so much so that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge can close due to them. Strong winds can be powerful enough to tip over semi-trucks; in the Mid-Atlantic region, this is unlikely but still a possibility.


If you get into hillier regions like Pennsylvania or drive after a heavy rain, you might end up driving through fog. It is hard to see past some distance in front of, behind, or around you. Trucks take more time to brake, and so truckers need to slow down enough to make the best decisions in these low-visibility conditions.

Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Of course, the Mid-Atlantic has its fair share of hurricanes and even tornadoes. The region risks at least one hurricane a year, and you never know if a tornado will pop up in parts of southern Maryland. Severe weather could possibly cause transportation to cease altogether temporarily.

Don’t Let Bad Weather Delay Your Freight Transportation

The show must go on, and truckers must complete their mission to supply hospitals, grocery stores, retail centers, warehouses, and more with valuable products. A smart logistics plan will account for the weather and help you plan ahead, and a trucking company like Evan Transportation will help deliver your freight on time.

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