Stop Distractions while Driving

Distractions while DrivingWith summer finally upon us, traffic will become heavy at times with vacationers trying to reach their beach destinations. Add the congestion of road and highway construction to the mix and truck drivers are looking at some difficult driving ahead. This is a time where all drivers, especially truckers, should make the attempt at eliminating all distractions if and when possible while driving on busy highways and interstates. Here are some distractions that can be eliminated:

  1. Cell phones- Whether it is texting or answering a phone call, cell phones probably cause the most distraction to drivers currently. End any texting conversations before you enter your vehicle and then silence your phone. Voicemails and text messages can be answered once you have parked your vehicle or reached your destination. Need to make a serious call? Pull over to the side of the road before even reaching for a cell phone.
  2. Passengers- While truck drivers rarely have “passengers”, other truckers traveling with you can become distracting. Conversations and attempts at making eye contact can easily distract a driver, so try to keep conversations simple and short to eliminate distractions.
  3. GPS- While navigational systems can come in handy during trips; they can also pose a major distraction. Plot your route prior to leaving for your destination and set your GPS accordingly. This way, if detours should arise or your GPS malfunctions, you still have an idea of the direction you are going. Never attempt to engage with your GPS while you are driving.
  4. Food- While snacking and sipping on some water while driving seems harmless; it can become distracting from the road. Spills tend to happen if sudden movement occurs or you drop something, taking your focus off of the road in front of you. Avoid reaching for the food and drinks while driving and wait to have a meal once you reach a rest stop.

At Evan Transportation, we believe safety is a necessity when driving a truck. Our drivers have years of prior trucking experience and know the importance of safety when driving a large vehicle such as a truck. Our drivers are trained to handle a number of scenarios and situations along with choosing the most efficient route to deliver your freight safely and efficiently.

Evan Transportation provides a number of services including freight transportation along the Mid-Atlantic region. To get started with Evan Transportation, give us a call today at 443.673.3365 or visit our contact page.

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