5 Tips for The Safe Delivery of Oversized Loads

5 Tips for The Safe Delivery of Oversized Loads Evan Transportation

In addition, truck drivers should acquire the necessary permits in time to avoid landing on the wrong side of the law.

Safe delivery of oversized loads is no joke, even for the most experienced drivers. This is because wide loads tend to be risky due to their enormous sizes and heavyweight. For example, heavyweights can lead to excess pressure on the tires, causing tire bursts. When accidents involving oversized loads happen, much damage usually occurs. That said, you can safely deliver wide loads by following the necessary precautionary measures. Therefore, listed are five tips that will help you deliver oversized loads safely. 

Abide By The Laws

There are both state and federal rules and regulations that apply for hauling oversized loads. Truck companies and drivers should know and abide by these rules and guidelines. In addition, truck drivers should acquire the necessary permits in time to avoid landing on the wrong side of the law. 

Pre-Inspect The Trailer

Before hitting on the road, you must keenly inspect your trailer. Check whether the binders, chains, straps, and hydraulic hoses are in order. Also, test the brakes and ascertain the pressure on the tires. 

Plan Ahead Of The Trip

Planning for the safe delivery of oversized loads has a host of benefits. First, it helps you avoid road works, heavy traffic, bad weather, and any other possible delays. Also, plan on how you will fuel and the alternative routes in case your find traffic. 

With modern technological advancements, planning for heavy-load transport is easy. You can rely on GPS technology to pre-check road conditions and routes. 

Load Oversized Loads Correctly

Studies have shown that approximately 25% of factory accidents occur at the loading bay. Imperatively, loading oversized loads wrongly is usually a recipe for disaster. Therefore, ensure that you evenly and securely distribute the weight across the trailer. 

Avoid Extreme Weather

Always avoid hauling wide loads in extreme weather conditions. Interestingly, you can use your smartphones or listen to the radio to receive updates on the local weather conditions and any likely changes. However, some wide loads cannot be exposed to rainy or wet weather. Therefore, it’s necessary to evade rainy, muggy, or overcast areas.

Delivery of oversized loads should never occur in stormy conditions unless in exceptional circumstances, such as urgent conditions. Where possible, find a stopover for the storms to subdue before continuing with your journey.

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