Connected Semis: The Future of Trucking

In the United States, over two-thirds of the goods we consume are transported by a semi truck. This includes everything from food and building materials to consumer goods and it is safe to say that we rely on them to operate our economy smoothly. In total, the industry includes 3 million vehicles, is responsible for 9.2 billion tons of freight, and is worth over $700 billion. Although trucking has been an important part of our economy for quite a long time, some people consider it be old school, not taking advantage of technological innovation and new efficient practices. However, this could not be further from the truth. Today we will explore how the trucking industry has embraced technological progress to make freight moving safer and more efficient.


Semi Truck Technology is making trucking safer and more efficient

Technological Innovations

Many of the technological innovations which have come to the trucking industry in recent years are concerned with increasing driver safety, efficiency, and convenience. For example, trucks can be installed with RFID sensors to detect the driver moving around the vehicle during required safety inspections. This ensures that the vehicles on the road are all in optimal working condition and drivers to not skip this critical safety step. Last year, a company called Zonar launched an app which connects truck drivers with their employers and dispatchers. It allows them to accurately track their hours, provides truck-specific driving instructions, and reduces the need for physical paperwork. There is also a tool which automatically reports when a the truck has a technical problem and contacts a support center to give the driver instructions on how to deal with it.

Improving Fuel economy

Tracking fuel efficiency is also very important in an industry where a single vehicle can cost over $8000 a month is gasolene alone. Combine this with the fact that federal agencies are becoming stricter in their emissions and fuel economy regulations, and it is no wonder why companies are seeking ways to increase fuel efficiency. To this effect, Zonar also produces technology which gives drivers real-time feedback on their driving habits regarding fuel usage as well as strategies to improve. As an added benefit, driving practices which correspond to saving fuel also promote driver awareness and safety.


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