What is a Short Haul Driver?

Sometimes truck drivers aren’t in it for the long haul, but rather the short haul. To know what a short haul driver is, you first have to know what an air-mile is. One air-mile is equivalent to one nautical mile, and one nautical mile is equivalent to about 1.15 miles. So, an air-mile is slightly greater than a mile as most people know it. A short haul driver drives within a 150 air-mile radius of their home base, or drives within 100 air-miles and completes their duty day within 12 hours.

This is important because federal regulations mandate breaks based on distance traveled for truckers. Drivers who exceed the 150 air-miles radius have to take a 30-minute break “within the first eight hours of on-duty time or at the ‘earliest safe opportunity’ if the eight-hour threshold had been exceeded by the time the driver first learned he or she was ineligible for the short-haul exemption, FMCSA says.” This break requirement also applies “to short haulers who qualify for the exemption under the 100 air-miles, 12-hour limits, too.” If a short hauler does not take a 30 minute break before exceed the exemption limits, they are in violation of the regulations. The exception is if a driver misses a break for unforseen reasons, which they have to account for in their log.


short haul break


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