What is Intermodal Shipping?

Intermodal shipping is a method of shipping using multiple modes of transport and special containers and trailers. The modes of shipping include planes, ships, trains, and most commonly, trucks. Trucks are almost always used to get intermodal shipments to their final destination. They are also used to get shipments from their initial destination to the next shipping method, which is often by rail or plane over long distances or internationally.

There are many benefits to intermodal shipping. The use of special containers allows the cargo to be shipped using various methods without having to unpack and repack the cargo. This means that only the shipper, customs (if applicable), and the recipient know the contents of the container, which means secure shipping. The special containers are also very resistant to the elements and extreme weather, which reduces losses and spoilage.

Intermodal shipping combines the best aspects of all shipping methods for maximum shipping efficiency. Planes and boats are great for long distance, international shipping, and trains are very fuel efficient and also great for long distance shipping. However, none of these methods can deliver the cargo directly to the final destination, which is why trucks, which are more flexible in terms of their mobility and shipping schedules, are used for this last leg of the journey (and often for the first as well).


Intermodal shipping


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