What’s the Difference Between Diesel and Gasoline Fuel?

Diesel and gasoline actually aren’t very different from each other. The main differences can be found in their consistency, and the type of engine they require to work.

Diesel and gasoline come from the same source, which is crude oil. Crude oil can be refined into different fuels with different consistencies. Diesel fuel is refined to a thicker, more oily consistency, while gasoline is refined to a lighter consistency. Gasoline is also more flammable than diesel, and requires less heat for combustion.

Because of their different characteristics, diesel and gasoline require different types of engines. Gas engines mix gas and air, making a vapor which is compressed by a piston, and then ignited by a spark plug. Diesel engines use a piston to compress air to a high pressure and temperature. When diesel is injected, it combusts due to the heat of the air.

Diesel engines are generally more fuel efficient because diesel is thicker than gasoline, which means it’s more energy-dense. Diesel combustion emits less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than gasoline combustion, but it also emits more particulate matter. Diesel engines are more expensive to build and to buy because of their high compression nature. Though the stereotypical image of diesel is of a dirty, black exhaust, advances in diesel refining techniques have improved the cleanliness of diesel significantly in recent years.

diesel gasoline difference


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