What is a Snow Emergency Route?

With much of the east coast hit by a major winter storm, now is a good time to talk about the definition of a snow emergency and a snow emergency route, since both have a significant effect on our highway and transportation systems.

A snow emergency is a state of emergency declared by a state of county that initiates a response to an approaching winter storm. This response varies depending on the state or county but it generally involves salting and plowing roads. Below for example is an overview of Montgomery County’s snow emergency plan.


When it snows, 200 employees with 175 pieces of equipment spring into action. Here’s a snapshot of the County’s snow response plan:

When snow begins to cover roads, salt crews spread salt on all main County roads and emergency routes.

When snow accumulates to three inches, plowing and salting crews continue to clear all main County roads and emergency routes.

Once the snow stops, crews begin plowing neighborhood roads.

Crews complete plow routes and spread abrasives on hills, at intersections and on roads around schools.


Snow Emergency Route

If a road has a sign on it that says snow emergency route, it means that special provisions apply to this road when a snow emergency has been declared. Again, these provisions vary from place to place but are generally fairly similar. In Montgomery County, for example, “If an emergency is declared, it is illegal on snow emergency routes to drive without snow tires, mud/snow radials, or chains or park on these routes.”


snow emergency route



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