Aggressive Driving Facts And Figures

aggressive driving

Stay cool behind the wheel and educate yourself about aggressive driving

While aggressive driving may not sound like much of a danger, aggressive and reckless driving actually contributes to a number of unsafe behaviors which can have unfortunate and even deadly consequences. Keep these aggressive driving facts in mind next time you are in a hurry and put driving safety in the front seat.

Get The Aggressive Driving Facts: What Is Aggressive Driving?

There are a number of behaviors which contribute to aggressive driving, though many have become so normalized that they are laughed off, even when potentially deadly consequences are only narrowly avoided. Tailgating to make sure no one can get in front of you, failing to use a turn signal, rapidly changing lanes, compulsively cutting people off, and speeding are all examples of aggressive driving. Whether these people happen to be in a rush, or just always drive that way, they make the roads unsafe, and may even cause accidents with their unsafe maneuvering. It is not at all uncommon to see things get ugly between a pair of aggressive drivers. Aggressive driving is dangerous driving.

Aggressive Driving Facts And Figures

62% of drivers have said that they have felt threatened by another driver in the past year.

36% of drivers mentioned another driver cutting in front of them as an example of this threatening behavior.

75% of drivers feel that unsafe driving is an epidemic and something needs to be done about it.

33% of drivers report that it seems to them that driving is more dangerous now than it was only a year ago.

23% of drivers said that had driven more than ten miles per hour over the speed limit while driving on the interstate during the past week.

52% of drivers are satisfied with the present strictness of police enforcement in regards to running red lights.

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