Tips for a Successful Weigh Station Visit

Tips for a Successful Weigh Station Visit

With these tips, your weigh station visit can be a breeze.

In the trucking industry, you will need to pull through a weigh station whenever one passes your way. Weigh stations are DOT-run sites that can be on the side of a highway, in a highway median, or at a rest stop. Often, they are located near state borders. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that every truck on the road is meeting safety requirements. These tips below can help you have a successful weigh station visit.

Read the Signs Carefully

The first step is to read the weigh station signs carefully. Read them again if you have to. It is best to read them clearly so you will know exactly where to go and what to do each time. Not all weigh stations are the same, so you never know what the rules might be for each one you visit. Some may have you go in a specific lane, some may have you roll through the scale or stop, and some may have you park and enter the scale house. You will also see different speed limits and stop and go signals.

Give Your Full Attention

When you pull into a weigh station, it is recommended to bring your full attention to the task at hand. Turn off the radio, roll down your windows, and make sure your truck’s high beams are off. With your full attention available, it will be easier to catch all the directions you need to proceed.

What to Bring to a Scale House

If the weigh station requires you to stop in at the scale house, there are certain documents you will need to bring with you. The three minimum items you need to take in include the following:

  • Log book
  • Registration/cab card
  • License

You also need an IFTA permit and an insurance card. You can have a swift and successful weigh station visit when all of your required documents are in one neat folder. That way, there will be no scrambling about to find what you need!

Be Courteous

Courtesy makes the entire process a whole lot more pleasant. As a professional driver, it is your duty to be professional toward those you work with. Having a positive attitude will make the process smooth and the weigh station inspectors happier.

Ask Questions

It never hurts to ask the DOT inspectors questions. Asking questions is the best way to become more confident at your next weigh station visit.

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