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CB (Citizens Band) Radio is used by truckers to communicate with each other while they’re on the road. During the later half of the 20th century, truckers began to develop their own language to use when communicating via CB radio with other truckers. You might know what 10-4 or rubbernecking means, but do you know what a bunny hopper or a bear in the air is? Read on to find out.

trucking lingo

Bear- Bear is a term commonly used to denote a police officer. Therefore any phrase with the word bear in it has something to do with the police. A bear in the air is a police helicopter or airplane used to enforce speed limits on the highway. A bear den is police headquarters and a bear with ears is a police officer who is listening in on the CB radio. Other police related terms include a plain white wrapper, meaning an unmarked police car, and paperhanger when police are giving out tickets.

Lingo for Other Cars– Truckers have lots of names to describe other cars on the road. A bunny hopper is a vehicle that changes lanes a lot. A lane lover on the other hand is a vehicle that stays in the same lane. An armored car is a loot limo, a cowboy cadillac is a pickup truck and a cheese wagon is a school bus.

Traffic Lingo- Truckers run into a lot of traffic and have developed a lot of terms to describe it. A parking lot means you’re stuck in a traffic jam, and a rolling roadblock is a slow moving construction vehicle. In traffic a car that is wearing your bumper out is following too close, but once you’ve got a clean shot, you’re out of traffic and headed toward open road free of construction, police, and other obstacles. Unless you’ve got to make a 10-100 which is a restroom stop.


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