Fuel Efficient Semi-Trucks

With new fuel economy standards for semi-trucks set to begin next year, truck manufacturers are rolling out new models to comply with the regulations. Trucks will have to get at least 7.2 miles to the gallon starting in 2014, the first time that mileage for semi-trucks will ever be federally mandated. Most trucks today average about 6 miles per gallon.


Freightliner is set to deliver its 2014 Cascadia Evolution heavy truck which has delivered up to 10.67 miles per gallon in tests when combined with an aerodynamic trailer. The truck reached this mileage when tested on an 8.5 mile closed course for 1,000 miles with an average speed of 60 mph and a GCW of 76,000 pounds. In a 2,400 mile test rule from San Diego to Gastonia, N.C., the Cascadia Evolution averaged 9.31 miles per gallon at a cruising speed of 62 mph and a GCW of 76,000 pounds. The current model Cascadia, combined with a normal trailer, averaged about 7 mile per gallon on the same run for comparison.


Cummins and Peterbilt Motors are also set to put their new Class 8 Peterbilt 587 on the market, which averaged 9.9 miles per gallon on 11 test runs between Forth Worth and Vernon, Texas, with a GCW of 65,000 pounds. The aerodynamic truck and trailer combination was designed with lighter weight material, a more efficient engine, electronic controls that optimize fuel use based on route information, lower rolling resistance tires, and “a system that converts exhaust heat into power delivered to the crankshaft,” according to roadandtrack.com


The 54% increase in fuel efficiency of the Peterbilt 587 not only stands to save truckers $25,000 annually on fuel, it also results in a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas released annually per truck.


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