First Quarter Truck Cargo Theft Numbers

Truck cargo theft at truck stopsAfter conducting a survey for the first quarter of 2014, FreightWatch International, a logistics security services provider, the grand total of thefts involving cargo from trucks is at a total of 206. Reviewing the report further shows that there was a 4.9% decrease in volume stolen but a 38.5% increase in loss value. The company continued on to say that these numbers illustrate that organized cargo criminals are becoming more sophisticated and more persistent. 21% of all incidents were heists involving food and drinks, making these products the top targeted products of crime. Second place targets were products with home and garden. These products usually consisted of home décor and furniture along with some appliances. Electronics came in as the third targeted product with televisions and computers being stolen most often. The average loss value totaled $207,982, while the value of specific products varied.

The top 5 states of truck cargo theft are as follows:

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Georgia
  4. Texas
  5. Illinois

The total thefts from the top five states resulted in 76% of all thefts across the country. The top location for thefts to take place was unsecured parking lots such as truck stops; about 122 thefts took place this first quarter. The second locations for thefts were centers for distribution or warehouses and secured parking lots followed in third.

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