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H.R. 1371  is a House of Representatives bill introduced which would overhaul the way that the CSA handles its regulation and notably make driver’s motor carrier safety data, often called CSA scores, inaccessible to the public except for when necessary for law enforcement. It has, as of now, gained little legislative traction. Details on the contents and other effects of the bill, if it passes, can be found here.

CSA Inspection

Trucking Industry Response

However, despite there being no legislation passed recently concerning the CSA, truck inspections, which have been on the rise for a few years, were down about 10% last year. Some attribute this drop in inspections to a community backlash from the trucking industry and some law enforcement, who believe that the data used to calculate scores is unfair. It is very important that the system is accurate, as almost all potential employers will first consult a shipper’s CSA scores when considering hires and contractors. Many claim that statistics collected for driver’s are not proven to correlate with driver safety or crash probability. This decrease in inspections is not evenly distributed, as inspections are carried out on a state by state basis. In some states, such as Maryland, which has the highest rate of CSA inspections in the country, rates of inspection continue to rise.

CSA scores and inspections will continue to be a point of contention and debate in the trucking industry until the current controversial scoring system is modified to more effectively preform its function.

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