Night Travel: How to Stay Safe

For most of us, a nine to five work schedule is pretty standard. While there may be some deviations, many tend to be home by the evening hours. But when it comes to truck drivers, night travel is most common. Night travel tends to help truck drivers reach their destination without the stress of traffic. But while night travel may relieve some aspects of stress, it can increase others. This is because night travel places drivers in danger of falling asleep behind the wheel. In order to prevent this from happening, drivers should take care in staying awake. Night-Travel


Before night travel, a truck driver should avoid consuming a large meal. While food is essential in maintaining energy, a large meal can cause the driver to become drowsy as they drive. The truck driver should also avoid drinking large amounts of caffeine. While coffee or energy drinks can be helpful in small helpings, drinking a large amount very often can cause sugar levels to drop, which can make you tired.

Truck drivers should also ensure that their dashboard lights are dimmed to the point of still being able to read them without trouble. The stark contrast between the evening road and your bright dashboard can cause a strain on your eyes, which can lead to drowsiness. You also want to ensure that your headlights are working properly and are aligned correctly to assist with visually while you travel.

Be aware of possible wildlife along the road. If you are traveling where warning signs are placed, always look ahead for small, bright spheres. Those are typically the eyes of wildlife reflecting your headlights back to you. If you spot wildlife, do your best to slow down and avoid the animal if possible.

Night Travel  with Evan Transportation

Evan Transportation was founded in 1992 by Jerry Wolfarth, who at the time had over 25 years of experience in the trucking and transportation industry. The initial operation consisted of a few trucks and drivers who were dedicated and professional. The goal of the company was, and remains, to provide excellent, dependable service.

We higher drivers with previous trucking experience, who know how to avoid these common mistakes while driving. Our drivers know how important safety is while on the road, which is why they are trained in safety before they are on the road.

We service the following areas:

  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Central Pennsylvania and points east
  • West Virginia (eastern part of the state)
  • Northern Virginia
  • Richmond


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