Bad Habits for Truckers to Break



It’s human nature to have bad habits. While some of us chew with our mouths open, others bite our nails when we get nervous. While many of these bad habits seem harmless, they can become dangerous depending on your occupation. For truck drivers, bad habits can create a life or death scenario once out on the road. With such heavy shipments and large trucks to operate, it is imperative that truck drivers avoid or break their bad habits before they set out on the road.

So what bad habits should truck drivers stop or avoid?

  1. Alcohol- A truck driver should never get behind the wheel of their truck, or any vehicle for that matter, once under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol can impair vision as well as cognitive function, which can be fatal on the road.
  2. Procrastination- Waiting until the last minute might have been a fun bad habit to have in college, but it can cost you your job as a truck driver. Never wait to plan your trip until you are about to leave. You could miss important weather announcements, traffic updates, and construction notices if you wait. Waiting to leave until the last possible moment can also cause problems because the truck driver will be rushing to reach their destination on time.
  3. Smart Devices- While having a smart phone can be helpful and convenient while traveling; it should never be used while driving. Texting while driving as well as talking while driving can be two bad habits that will cause someone to get seriously injured. Using your phone takes your attention away from the road, which can cause accidents to occur.
  4. Eating/Drinking- Attempting to eat or drink while driving can cause serious distractions. If something spills or falls, the driver may be inclined to reach to clean it up, which could cause the truck to veer off the road and cause an accident.

Trucking with Evan Transportation

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