Safe Holiday Road Travel Tips

Holiday Road TravelAt Evan Transportation, we don’t slow down for the holidays. We understand that your freight shipments are important and essential to your business, which is why we continue to bring you superior freight transportation services through the busy holiday months. However, with the holiday season comes more dangerous and hazardous road travel conditions for our drivers. With that in mind, here are some holiday road travel tips for both commercial and residential drivers.

  1. The maintenance of your vehicle is essential in safe road travel this holiday season. Ensuring that your vehicle is functioning properly will help prevent accidents on the road while traveling this holiday season. Catching problem areas on your vehicle before the start of a trip will make for less breakdowns while on the road, which will also help your business run more efficiently.
  2. Determine at least two main travel routes with at least one or two alternatives. This will help you to travel more efficiently and arrive at your destination in efficient time. Should one of your routes become too congested with traffic, you already have alternatives to turn to.
  3. Before traveling, consult a traffic and weather report. This will prepare you for possible hazardous conditions before you find them on the road. These reports will also help you determine your potential travel routes.
  4. While on the road, eliminate distractions in your cabin. This means no drinking, eating, or use of cell phone or tablet. These distractions will take your attention away from the roadways, which could lead to accidents.
  5. Holiday road travel means more residential cars on major highways due to traveling. This means being aware of the vehicles around you. Both commercial and residential drivers should use caution when driving and avoid driving aggressively or carelessly. Cars and vehicles should obey all traffic signals and signs while also providing enough room for vehicles to pass and merge.


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