Choosing the Tractor Trailer for your Freight

When choosing the right tractor trailer for your freight shipment, you may want to ask, “What are my tractor trailer options?” and “how do I know this is the best option for my freight shipment?” These are good questions, but when choosing a tractor-trailer you should also take things like budget, timeline, and what you’re shipping into consideration.

Let’s say you’re transporting cars, for example. If you’re transporting high-end cars, you may want to choose an enclosed car transport over open transport for greater protection. An open transport means the car sits on an open trailer pulled by a car or truck.

Freight options

If you’re transporting multiple cars, you’ll want to look into multi-car, double-level tractor-trailers. These are technically open transport tractor-trailers, but they allow you to carry more cars over more distance.  However, they also have their downfall. Because they are carrying such a large load, these tractor-trailers are slower and can’t navigate well in residential areas.

If you’re looking for a faster option, look into one-level multi-car trailers. These trailers can carry about 2 or 3 cars at a time, and although they are more expensive, the driver can easily navigate through all needed areas.

Before you choose just any tractor-trailer for your freight, be sure to do your research. Ask yourself the questions mentioned above, and see what your needs and wants are for your freight shipment. If you have questions about choosing a tractor-trailer for your freight, contact Evan Transportation.

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