Shipping Seasons for a Baltimore Trucking Company

Baltimore Trucking Company Shipping Seasons

As we prepare ourselves for the New Year, it is helpful for consumers looking to use a Baltimore trucking company to understand the shipping seasons in the industry. By knowing the different shipping seasons, companies are able to plan their freight shipment with their Baltimore trucking company at a time that is convenient for both the consumer and the company. The shipping seasons are as follows:

  • From January to March, the trucking industry is seeing a relaxing time after the busy holiday season. Because of this, rates are typically lower for customers while the trucking companies are still seeing some business.
  • From April until July, your Baltimore trucking company is beginning to see an increase in shipments as more produce and other goods are available for shipment. Because of this, your Baltimore trucking company may have tighter schedules and slightly higher rates than the previous three months. However, this is the best time for those in produce to ship since they too will be making a profit from their business.
  • During the fall months of August, September, and October, your Baltimore trucking company will begin to see an even higher increase of shipments because of their retail customers. While this may not be the best time for those in other fields to ship, retailers tend to ship the most during this season because they have the product and the profit to do so.
  • Between the months of November and December, your Baltimore trucking company will most likely see a spike and then lull in shipments. This is because many consumers are sending out their last bit of product before the holidays. The slower season tends to begin after Thanksgiving for trucking companies and will continue into the month of March.


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