Baltimore Trucking Companies Await Diesel Drop

Diesel Prices

In the past couple of years as the nation continues to watch the price of fuel continue on its roller coaster, we have always found a trend. No matter the cost of gasoline, diesel fuel has always sat slightly above the cost of gas. The difference has never been by much, typically within a dollar range, but within the past couples the prices of gas have dropped reasonably with the price of diesel remaining the same.

Experts are pointing out several reasons why this extreme difference is occurring, with gasoline sitting under a dollar in some areas while diesel remains above three dollars. One of the main reasons being noted for the price difference is the competition in pricing within the gasoline industry. Because there is a larger global market for gasoline, the prices for gas are more likely to change with the economy versus the prices for diesel. Another reason for the difference being noted is the ease in which gasoline can be made currently. With it being easy to obtain, prices have room to drop significantly. The boom of the agricultural business is also helping to keep the prices of diesel fuel above the price of gasoline.

However, other changes are expected to help the price of diesel to decrease within the first six months of the New Year. Refineries have been built in countries, like China, because of the profit margin they present. The increased production of diesel fuel in comparison to the demand for the fuel worldwide will help to decrease the overall price of the fuel. The refineries within the United States were also able to produce more diesel fuel than ever before, which will also help to lower the price of the fuel.

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