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Baltimore Trucking Companies Await Diesel Drop

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Diesel Prices

In the past couple of years as the nation continues to watch the price of fuel continue on its roller coaster, we have always found a trend. No matter the cost of gasoline, diesel fuel has always sat slightly above the cost of gas. The difference has never been by much, typically within a dollar range, but within the past couples the prices of gas have dropped reasonably with the price of diesel remaining the same.


Price of Diesel Fuel Drops

Friday, August 22nd, 2014


Diesel Fuel Prices DropDid you know?

The price of diesel fuel has dropped to $3.835 (as of August 19), making the national average price 6.5 cents lower than this time last year. Now is the time to fill up your tank! This is the seventh week in a row that the average price has fallen. Check out a few of the US regions’ price decreases:

  • Central Atlantic: 1.4 cent decrease
  • Lower Atlantic: 1.2 cent decrease
  • East Coast: 1.2 cent decrease
  • Gulf Coast: 1.1 cent decrease

However, California had a .2 of a cent increase in price of diesel fuel.

As of August 19th, 2014, the average costs of diesel in a few of the US regions are as follows:

  • West Coast: $4.015
  • Gulf Coast: $3.739
  • Midwest: $3.78

It’s important to remember that fuel is not the same price everywhere, especially those who work in the freight transportation field. Be sure to stay up to date with current fuel prices in the region in which you are driving so that you can get the best deal!


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